From Broken to Breakthrough | UnMute Your Mic Podcast

Tiffany Rochelle is the perfect example of someone who has taken negative circumstances and used them to find her true identity and bless others.

ABOUT THE GUEST: "She needed to BE broken. In her brokenness; her purpose was Being revealed to her and building her. God brought her out, so now She walks in her breakthrough." She loves for lives to be empowered, so she structured her life. Tiffany learned to believe in herself and started BYou! Her goal is to help you believe in You! She is an experienced Administrative Professional skilled in Customer Service and Conflict Resolution. Certified to be a Life and Goal Coach. Host of talk show, Hear my Heart Talk show, and Co-Host to Turning your Passion into Profit Morning Show. She is also the author of iChoose Me. She draws on her failures and shortcomings, to deliver real-life messages that encourage you to know you can win; as failing is not an option to quit. She is committed to winning, speaking faith & hope to single women and teenage mothers so they can be healed! If this Teenage mother of 3 can can and will too!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-tok: leadingladytr

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