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Mental Health Matters | UnMute your Mic Podcast

Mental health, is health! This week we are talking about just how important it is to take care of yourself from the inside out. We are normalizing talking about Mental Health as a reminder that we all go through things, are not alone, and have nothing to be ashamed of and Kaliesha Thompson was the perfect person to have this conversation with!

ABOUT THE GUEST: Kaliesha Thompson is a therapist, life coach and entrepreneur who has a dream of seeing mental and emotional healing in the communities surrounding her. She strives to create a space where parents/ adults can heal so that the generations to come won’t have to suffer from unresolved trauma. As a native of California, Kaliesha completed high school and served the community in a variety of ways including working in the schools and devising counseling groups at her high school. It was there that she became immersed in her passion for a career in psychology. Kaliesha pursued a Bachelor's degree in psychology at Spelman College, and now holds a Master’s Degree in counseling. Kaliesha currently uses her skills to serve inner city students, teaching them social and emotional skills while using a variety of techniques.. Kaliesha also provides life coaching and therapeutic services to individuals and families seeking healing from depression, anxiety, trauma and inter- family conflicts. Kaliesha is the proud mother of two young men and she has been married to LaRon Thompson for 2 years. Together they also serve as leaders of a historical church in Kansas City.

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