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Tales of a Trailblazer | Unmute your mic podcast

I couldn’t let black history month pass without featuring someone who inspires many in my community! It is not always easy to be the first one to do something, but a true trailblazer does the hard work to pave the way for others that come behind them, that is Brian “Bizzy” Benton. Tune in this Monday at 8pm and be inspired to chase your dream, give back, and put in the hard work to not just read history but be apart of it.

ABOUT THE GUEST: Brian “Bizzy” Benton, Mr. KCWYA, Mr. 816 is the Creator and founder of 816 Day, Kansas City’s Official Celebration of itself. He is also the Creator of KC’s Local Award Winning and Recognized Facebook Group, KC Where You At. Brian is a Promoter, Host, Consultant, "Influencer", Etc. Etc. Etc

If you live in Kansas City you know first hand how he has brought the community together year after year, and if you don’t , you are sure to be inspired by his persistence, love for youth, and ability to take a good idea and transform it to reality.

Instagram: Bizzybodyb007


816 Day Instagram: theofficial816day


KC Where You At? Facebook:

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